Object of the Week – 04/04/13

Our object this week is a marine animal that lives on the sea floor. On initial inspection it appears quite plain, but just wait until it catches the light …


Did you know what last week’s object of the week was?

Ostrich egg (looking a bit yellow here)

 Well done if you knew or guessed our object last week was an Ostrich egg. Ostriches (Struthio camelus) are the largest living birds on the planet and also lay the largest egg of any living bird (although it is not the largest in relation to body size).

Ostrich eggs on average are about 15cm long – you could just about hold it in one of your hands. Dominant males have a harem of females that lay their eggs together in a communal nest. There will be about twenty eggs in the nest and the male and females take it in turns to incubate them.