Over 16,000 objects donated from the 19th Century onwards are displayed over the two floors of the museum. You can see a replica of Joseph Banks’ cabin and displays of the Endeavour voyage. Also on display is a rare sheet of Darwin’s original manuscript for the Origin of the Species.  The latest addition is an ethnographic collection of tribal objects donated by renowned explorer Robin Hanbury-Tenison.

Go on expedition with one of the greatest British explorers of the twentieth century.   See the collection of objects from previously uncontacted rainforest tribes from both Amazonia and in Borneo.  View the famous whistling arrows of the Suya people, marvel at the blowpipe from Borneo which fired poison-tipped darts, listen to nose flutes from the Nambiquara people and admire exquisite jewellery from around the world.

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The collection includes:


The museum houses over 10,000 moths and butterflies which includes the collections of Brigadier Cooke and Sir Christopher Lever.



The Thackery bird collection was bequeathed to the College in 1850 and predates the museum. Eggs from the Newall egg collection and several critically endangered birds are on display.



A large number of fossils, including a recently aquired Giant  Nautilus.




Asian Elephant foreleg and the skull of an Indian Elephant are the largest on display.




The Moncrieff coral collection is the most recent large collection to be given to the museum.




The Hincks Herbarium contains herbarium sheets of pressed plants and algae